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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

After quite a lull in the home improvement front it's time to tackle another project, renovating the master bathroom!

This room has been 50% gutted and has had a hole in the floor for nearly the entire year I've now owned my house... Needless to say, I'm ready for a change!

For this remodel, I am going to take you with me through the whole journey and will be doing daily "vlogs" of the real time progress of updating the bathroom. Hopefully that incentivizes me to go faster lol!

I will have a budget of $1,800.00 to completely remodel the entire room. That means new sub-floor and drywall and everything else! At this point, the only thing I'm worried about price-wise is the vanity.

Master Bathroom Remodel, New Flooring:

Since the floor underneath the shower was rotten, the rotten wood was removed months ago and has been sitting a hole in the ground for months now... So before I get to tile, I will need to do new subfloor for most, if not all of the bathroom.

Next, comes the bathroom flooring. I've decided that I want to try using a mosaic tile instead of the same tile that I used in the powder room downstairs, I'm hoping that this will be "easier" and less messy for me.

I''m 60% sure I will use this herringbone porcelain mosaic in white from Floor and Decor. It's also only $2.79 per 11"x12" so it's an affordable option. If I don't go with this, the other option is a white hexagon mosaic that is only $ 2.29 per square foot! So either way, a white, geometric tile will be the flooring for both the actual room part of the bathroom and the shower!

Master Bathroom Remodel, New Shower:

For the shower walls I will be using this huge wall tile that is ceramic but looks like marble! And the best part is that it's only $1.89 per square foot. Hopefully since it's larger it will be easier to install. This will also be my first time tiling vertically, so hopefully all goes well!

My kitchen faucet is the delta trinsic in champagne bronze and I love it! So for the master bathroom remodel I want my finishes to be consistent and will be using the delta champagne bronze. There are a few different lines that I love and I'm not sure what one I will pick yet, but the vanity faucet, toilet paper holder and towel bars will all be the same line. The shower head on the other hand, will be this which I've been able to find for $100 before and am hoping that I'll be able to purchase it at that price or lower!!

Another dramatic change in the bathroom is that I'm going to be doing a walk in shower instead of a shower with a bathtub! In order to keep this on budget, I will be purchasing a piece of glass and some satin brass glass brackets. The least expensive option I've found to purchase is from wayfair for $228.00It's for a small piece of glass that is 78"x32" but that should be about the size my bathroom would end up needing because, well it's small!

If I have room in my budget I would love to add a white garden stool like this one in the shower corner for both decor and functionality!

Master Bathroom Remodel, New Vanity Area:

Now moving onto the vanity, I'm really loving this gold, arched mirror. The least expensive one I can find is on amazon right now.

and on either side of the master bathroom vanity mirror, I plan to do a sconce. Right now the satin brass scones from joss and main are in the lead!

I'm pretty sure that this is not going to be enough light for the entire bathroom so I plan on also doing an overhead light, that will probably be either a flush or semi flush mount neutral light fixture.

The bathroom vanity I am struggling to find an option that I like. The vanity I got for the powder room was only $80.00 from a re-sell store and so paying hundreds of dollars for something I just don't even really like is not making me excited. All of the options I love are over the thousand mark, typical... So I'm not sure what I will end up doing here. I have a couple of options in my mind but it will really come down to budget in the end!

Because I'm not sure what I want to do for the vanity, I'm also not sure what I want to do for the bathroom wall color. As of right now it will either be a very grey, cornflower blue or it will be the same white as the rest of my house. the only thing is that since the rest of my bathroom is going to be so white, I don't want it to look sterile so again, I'm undecided on this one too.

If you have any suggestions on how to remodel my master bathroom please leave a comment!

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