How to give your home the wow factor - like an interior designer!

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Are you trying to bring in some "wow factor" to your home, but struggle in getting from "knowing it when you see it," to actually creating it in your own home? These easy to implement ideas will help you create a space that's stunning and personal to your home's individual style.

One way to create an eye-catching space in your home is to use contrasting colors.

What is contrast? Contrast is when you're using two colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel. To get the most contrast use bright colors, one of which should be featured a large space item. that can be an accent wall, a rug, or a large painting, etc. Then use the contrasting accessories next to the large pice. So if that's a painted accent wall, go for a contrasting art piece. If you're using an art piece surround it with accessories such as lamps or decorative objects that are in a color that is contrasting. Or if you were to bring color in on a rug, look for some stools or occasional chairs where you can use another color to contrast against the rug. These are some easy ways to add colors that you like into your home in such a way that it will have the most visual impact in the space!

Another way to make your home decor visually pleasing is to use symmetry.

#Twinning. Who doesn't do a double take when they see twins? Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the brain and it can transform an object when doubled, that on it's own wouldn't have enough power to create drama. Symmetry can also be used to frame or feature other items. In the prior example, you could frame a piece of art with some table lamps. This would create symmetry making the artwork the focal point. When using symmetry first look for a focal point. This can be anything that you love, even if it's not on it's own eye catching. You can create a eye catching focal point by bringing in two of the same objects. An easy way to grab the eye's attention is to have 1 of these 3 items be shiny so that it catches the light.

Purchasing decor and furnishings in the correct size can help to create a home with "wow" factor!

Most people fill up there home with lots of small furniture. It's better to fill a room with less larger furniture. Sometimes going slightly oversized can create more drama. If you have a small space, think about how you can do this cleverly. For example you could get a headboard or chairs with a taller than usual back to bring the eye up to the ceiling. Also, opting for larger furniture makes a room feel more luxurious, as though there's enough room to lounge around. So it's important to decide what you're wanting to use each room or space for and then finding furniture that will fit that need. Not every single need that you may have one day, the need that you will have again and again in the every day.

Layering lots of different finishes will elevate your home decor to create the show stopping decor you're looking for!

Even if your personal taste is for a home that is more monochromatic or neutral you can really make your home decor look more expensive by using lots of different textures in the same color. Think about ways that you can incorporate nature or natural elements into your home, metallic finishes, woven materials, and geometric patterns.

To give your home that wow factor, don't be afraid to accessorize!

You really want your home decor to reflect your individual personality or style. Pick art and pictures that make you smile or symbolize something important to you. Those will always be the best conversation starters because they are unique to your life experiences and personal style. Same thing for accessories look for ways to include pieces from your travels or hometown or places your want to go. Look for ways that you can be playful in your accessories weather that's a fun shape or color or something unexpected or repurposing something old for a new use.

Creating a home that has wow factor can seem overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into thinking about the places in your home you love the most and the items in your home you love the most and then find ways to turn those into the focal points of your room or home that will make other people's eye be naturally drawn to the very same things that you love about your home. That's the easiest way to make your home look beautiful and personal and create conversation starters!

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