How to buy your Dream Home Decor on a Budget

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

How to buy your Dream Home Decor on a (less than dreamy) Budget.  Do you have big dreams on how you want to decorate your home but feel like you're unable to achieve them with your current budget? Or do you feel like on your current budget your home decor has become lackluster, and lacks the captivating and custom decor you see in model and designer homes? Designer taste can be achieved on any budget. It comes down to your ability to be flexible and imaginative on how you get to that designer look you're going for. Here are some top tips on how to shop for designer home decor without breaking the bank!

Decorators shopping for their dream home decor on a budget need to be creative!

You would be surprised what you could accomplish when you put your mind to it. There are so many blog posts about how to get the look for less, see where how you can remodel an entire kitchen to the studs for under $9,000.00, create a DIY Z Gallery Art Dupe saving $550.00, created poster size art for $10.00and more!

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The secret is to think about how something could be, not always what it is. If you feel like you struggle with that, one checkout our blog and subscribe to our newsletter where we share awesome DIY home decor projects. And two, stick with it. Trying something new takes at least a year to master. Think about the last time you changed jobs, most experts say it takes 2 years to really fully know how to do your job and I know from my personal experience that I don't feel like I'm fully confident and know I can assist with the more challenging problems that come up until I've been in the job at least a year. And that's giving my all 8 hours a day 5 days a week. So if you don't feel like you're good at it, stick with it! That's the only way you'll get better and you'll make a lot of great memories and maybe even some DIYs along the way.

Here's some places for you to start thinking creatively. Is there anything that you own that could be updated and or repurposed? Dressers are great for this. Add a different countertop, change up the hardware, refinish it, change out the legs. These are all relatively easy and cost efficient ways to get a completely different look. Not only that but you could use a dresser as a vanity or as a part of an entertainment center.

Think about how things you have currently could be repurposed or updated so they feel fresh and new and you fall back in love with them again.

Shop at secondhand stores. I bought a bathroom vanity that looks brand new for $80.00 that easily would have cost a few hundred dollars if instead it was purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. If you're going for the modern farmhouse, second hand home stores can be a treasure trove of finds for your home!

Shop on craigslist and ebay for furniture, and think about how you can upcycle old furniture. It could be re-upholstering some chairs or looking for a side table that could be painted or stained to give it new life.

Sale stalk.I love finding a good deal and most of the time I truly refuse to buy things at full price. If you're like me and love buying dealsmore than what you're actually shopping for, then checkout shop style. You can find a product you love and request that they email you when it goes on sale!

Ebates, if you haven't heard of Ebates it's an affiliate website that passes along a portion of the affiliate commission to you, the buyer! Every quarter you can get a check mailed to you with your refund (if it's over $5.00). The good news is that when you're shopping for big ticket items like home decor and furnishings that small commission amount adds up. It's nice when you get a little extra pocket money to put toward your home decor! I also love Ebates because they automatically apply coupons to your shopping bag, so you always get the best deal! Get a bonus $10.00 on your first check when you signup here!

Think about how you can build something that's not difficult and is not expensive. It could be as easy as making a rope ladder and anchoring it to the wall to be used as open shelving. Talk about inexpensive, easy and statement making - a triple threat!

Checkout Pinterest. It would make a bloggers day if you used their awesome idea in your home! Even better, share it with them :)

Decorators shopping for their dream home decor on a budget need to be patient!

When I was working on my first remodel, my grandma would always say you either have time or you have money but never at the same time. For many of us, that is true! If you don't have the money to buy all your dream home decor it's normal for it to take a longer to complete your home decoration process. It's better to buy stuff that you truly love and accumulate over time than it is to buy stuff to fill your house that you're going to regret later and not afford to change out.

Think less is more and a few of the right pieces will make way more of an impact than a lot of filler stuff hanging around your home.

Decorators shopping for their dream home decor on a budget need to be prepared when shopping!

Since you are looking for deals, one of the most important tips is to know the dimensions of your existing room and furniture and preferred dimensions of any furnishings you're looking for. Lots of the time when you're out shopping you may feel pressured to act quickly so you don't miss out. Pause, before you buy make sure and double check that your great find is actually going to work in your home. It can be as simple as keeping a note on your phone with the dimensions you're looking for. Also knowing what needs your furniture and accessories need to fulfill will make it much easier for you to say NO when you need to, i.e. when the purchase you're about to make just isn't right for your home. And on the flip side much easier to say YES when you find something that meets your needs, at the right price!

Shopping for your dream home decor on a budget? Look for smaller, less expensive items you can combine to create one large statement piece!

Statement pieces can be really pricey when it comes to home decor, but they don't have to be if you use this hack! Instead of looking for one large and dramatic piece, look for several smaller, less expensive items that can be grouped together to create one large statement piece. This could mean putting together several mirrors on a wall in lieu of a floor mirror or three smaller pieces of art instead of one large artwork. Also, think about ways that you can use inexpensive accessories and knick knacks as artwork on your wall for even more drama and a unique look!

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