House Tour: Before the Remodel

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Beginnings are a beautiful thing, or so they say! Checkout these before pics of my first home remodel for what a more real world beginning looks like lol.

For as long as I can remember I have been dreaming of renovating a home, and at long last the day has arrived! I want to share all the lessons I've learned as a transform this space into something that is beautiful, and special (at least to me).  It is my hope that sharing these projects on accomplishing my DIY projects will inspire you to do create something that brings you joy. Also I want to preserve these lessons learned. So that next time, when I forget just how much hard work this is, I can look back and remember all that I've accomplished.

So let's get started, a couple of things that were important to me when looking for a home were:

Stairs - Am I crazy? I feel like most people don't want stairs if possible, but I just have this vision of how much drama I staircase can give a home and I'm all about the drama, when it comes to home decor, not life :| .The right amount of DIY - I wanted a house that really truly needed cosmetic work and not anything else. My taste is very specific and I didn't want to waste perfect material just because it wasn't my aesthetic. I wanted to update something that really was neglected and needed updating. However, as this is my first house I also don't want to have to do anything major or structural.Powder Roomsize - I ended up being within 20 sq feet of my desired square footage. I feel like there's plenty of space, more than I need in all honesty but enough that when I go to sell even though my house isn't large, it doesn't feel small. If it were any smaller it would feel like you were Alice in wonderland who ate the cookie that made her grow.

There were of course more things that were important to me, some of which I had to skip out on, sigh fireplace and covered patio, but overall the above items were the things that I really didn't want to compromise on and I'm so grateful to have found a home that met my wishlist!

The entryway is adjacent to the stairs,  it also has at least a partial wall which I love. When you walk in the door there's the perfect opportunity for some statement making entry decor. It also helps to designate a specific entry place separate from the living space without taking square footage away from the living area.

The ceilings all feature popcorn texture courtesy of the 1980s and some super basic ceiling fans.

The flooring downstairs is all wannabe terra-cotta tile, not all in bad condition but certainly not anything eye catching.

Moving on in to the living area, there are some single frame original windows. I actually really like that the windows are all framed in black as iron frames can be a beautiful way to bring character to the home. I am not so much liking this sliding glass door. We were able to get it to function opening and closing, barely...

The kitchen is ready for a makeover, the cabinets are very beat and scratched. It ended up looking better in pictures than it did in person, so just take my word for it. Or you can checkout how it looked once they were pulled it out  the bottoms were all rotten, gross! Topping off these cabinets are some tile counters and a pony wall. Do you see the pop out from the kitchen to the dining area? Yeah, that's got to go. The ceilings in this house are standard height and so anything that takes an additional foot off of that really makes the house feel small. and old. And the pass through window? It's begging to be opened up. The kitchen ceiling does in fact not have popcorn, but it does have florescent light bulbs.

The powder room keeping it consistent with the fluorescent light bulbs, I think the bulbs themselves are yellow in there. Also, there's it's a funny hallway of doors door into the bathroom, door into the laundry "room" door in the garage. It's like touring the monster's inc factory.

Heading upstairs the entire floor was replaced with brand new carpet, so one item crossed of the to do list!

The bedrooms are upstairs and again they all have popcorn ceilings and old windows, but new carpet! The master is surprisingly large and doesn't have a leak in closet or any way to change the closet into a walk-in, which is the only thing I really don't like about the master.

The bathrooms, like the kitchen are also begging for a makeover. Ugly tile, chipped porcelain tubs, more fluorescent lights... neither of them are very large in fact the master bath is the same size as the second bath. So maximizing space is going to be key in the design.

This single family home has so much potential I am so excited to see how it all turns out. To stay updated be sure and subscribe so you don't miss out on DIY Projects, decor inspiration and video tutorials!

If you made it all the way down here, well there's a treat for you. I have a complete walk through video on the before status of this lovely little home.

Here's to hoping these are the ugliest photos on my blog!

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