DIY Z Gallerie Glitter Art Dupe

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Do you love the glitter art at z gallery, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to recreate the look? here's how you can DIY glitter art canvases for around $50.00 as opposed to this $650.00 painting from Z-Gallerie.You be the judge :)

What Do You Need to Create A DIY Z Gallery Glitter Art Painting?

Canvas any size (I used a 3'x5' canvas)acrylic paint in metallic shades of your choice, I did white, silver and navy blueglitter I recommend three colors and two textures very fine and one small bottle of small glitter. I used silver, medium blue and navy blue glitterlight drywall compoundSpray glueGloss Enamelpaintbrushdrop cloth

Step 1 To DIY Glitter Art: Paint The Canvas

The great thing about this tutorial is that this is an abstract art pice so you don't have to worry about perfection and you can get messy with it! First step is to add a base layer of paint onto your canvas in case any spots don't get completely covered with glitter (up at the top). For my painting I chose to do this with a metallic white color

Then I went around the edges in my second color which was a metallic silver. I used this to add some dimension into the canvas and to make the painting look less "perfect."

So far, easy peasy!

Step 2 To DIY Glitter Art: Texture the Canvas

Now that you have some dimension with the paint, it's time to go overboard, it is a glitter painting after all, and add some light drywall compound to your canvas. Now you want to be sure that you are using light or extra light otherwise your painting will way 1 zillion pounds and good luck hanging that up on your wall :| . Apply this to the top of your canvas working your way into the center. You want to use feathering strokes and press into the drywall compound so that it has lots of rough edges, like so:

Step 3 To DIY Glitter Art: Go Glitter Crazy

Once your drywall compound has dried it's time for the fun stuff, the glitter! first thing you will do is take your spray glue and completely spray from the bottom of the drywall compound to the top of your painting. Then working from lightest to darkest add your glitter. So for this example I used the tube of silver glitter, which is a larger size of glitter at the bottom of the drywall compound as a bridge between the white, silver and drywall compound. I then went over this with more spray glue and dumped on all the light blue glitter (2nd to the right in below picture). Repeat, use s'more spray glue and add the royal blue glitter. Notice how this container has lots more glitter, that's cause it needs to cover more surface area of the painting. And now it's time to repeat with the last glitter, navy blue. Now if you move your painting (or even just breath around it) you're going to move the glitter on that canvas. And do you want to be cleaning up glitter for always and eternity? NO! Neither do I. Which leads us to our last and most vital step.

Step 4 To DIY Glitter Art: Seal Your Masterpiece

Now it's time to take clean, dry brush, that you want to sacrifice to your glitter painting. May I recommend a $1 brush from Michaelsthat did the job like a champ? And take your gloss enamel and dump a bunch on your brush then gently pat this into your glitter. Once you get to the bottom of your drywall compound, go ahead and sort of smear it down into the white so your painting has a natural gradation of color from top to bottom. We want to ease into the glitter people. Continue until your entire painting is finished. As long as you have glossy enamel you will notloose the sparkle of your glitter :).

If you end up making this DIY glitter tutorial be sure and tag us in social media! And if you liked this and want to save it for later, Pin it now so you don't lose it :)

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