DIY Kitchen Remodel for under $10,000.00

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Let's start with the before, shall we? When I bought the house the kitchen was in roughshape. I will show people the listing photos so they can see what it used to look like and most of the time the response is, "it's wasn't that bad." That's because the listing picture are supposed to make you want to come see the house lol! What you couldn't see in the listing photos was what poor condition the cabinets were in. The finish completely worn and scratched (not to mention an entire drawer was missing) and I had been hoping to repurpose some of the lower cabinets for DIY projects in the garage but the bottoms were completely rotted out; everything had to go! Also, I was knew that opening up the pass through window and get rid of the bulk head overhanging in the living room were an absolute must! Take a look at the before from my DIY kitchen remodel:

Enough of the before, let's move onto the vision!

Before I even found a home to buy I already had my kitchen color scheme picked out. Initially I wanted white kitchen cabinets and then a navy blue island. When I found my home, it didn't have an island so I changed my plan from a navy island to navy base cabinets. What do you know, one of this year's hot trends is two-tone cabinetry. While home shopping I was also pricing out kitchen cabinets. While hunting through all the budget kitchen remodels using IKEA cabinets I ended up finding one that used cabinets and I loved how turned out. had the perfect navy blue cabinet option, so I ordered a sample. It was exactly what I wanted. They have 40% off sales regularly (I have not ever seen a sale over 40% off if you are sale stalking them). I also knew that I wanted to have brass hardware throughout my home, while this is by no means a new design trend I'm a little ahead of the curve in my area and Lowers and Home Depot definitely haven't caught onto the satin brass finishes yet, so some of these things were a little more expensive than the chrome or iron alternatives. The great thing is I was still able to save money by doing all the labor myself (by me I mean my dad) for an gorgeous DIY Kitchen Remodel.

The During - What exactly got updated?

Everything. Even that lovely pink tile you see.

That pass through window wall was completely rebuilt and since it wasn't structural I was able to turn it into a 1/2 wall as just the backing for the cabinets!New DrywallNew Electrical and plumbing, it's kind of fun when you get to pick where your light switches go lolNew cabinetsNew flooringNew appliancesNew countertopsNew hardwareNew fixtures

The After

The breakdown, where's everything from? how much did it cost?

I specifically planned my home closing around Black Friday so I could get everything ordered in the kitchen at awesome prices. That was one expensive week let me tell you! Although since then I have noticed that a lot of the things I have purchased went on sale for the same or close to the Black Friday prices, so if you're not able to schedule your remodel around Black Friday you can still save big with some planning!

Framing: roughly $200.00 for lumber

Replacing the rotten wood for the pony wallReplacing the wood for the dropdown framing over stove

Drywall: - $250.00 (estimation on this one, I got at least 8 new sheets for the kitchen area and they were $10.00 a sheet)

New drywall in the whole kitchen

Paint: - $71.00 for 5 gallons

Glidden Interior Eggshell in White(did not get it tinted at all)

Kitchen $2,705.47 $2,000.00

Countertop: -$2,338.00

There were quite a few snags and lessons learned on this one, for more information see this post!

Stone: Tessoro Bianco Marble - $807 (I paid $807 but the slab that ended up being installed was $925, see this post for more details)Fabrication $1531

Kitchen Sink: $223.90

Kitchen $292.20

Kitchen Drain: $30.99

Cabinet Pulls: $28.99 (for 20 pulls)

Total Cost = $8,140.55

And counting... there are still two things to finish, the backsplash and the lighting. As soon as they're ticked off the list of course I will update this post!

You may have also noticed I didn't include the price of the floor. I did this for two reasons, because I the entire downstairs got new bamboo floors I considered it a separate project with a separate budget. But to give you an estimate of the percentage going to the kitchen I spent $1,705.26 on materials for my new floors and let's just guesstimate 1/4 that was for the kitchen / pantry / walkway area... and we get, $426.36!

So if you want to add that into my above total it would be $8,566.865 and I still have plenty of room in my budget to get a backsplash up and keep my total makeover under $10,000.00, what?!

Big shout out to my dad for being the most epic father anyone could hope for! I couldn't have done this without hime since he literally did all the labor of my DIY kitchen remodel for free!

Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you down below!

If you found any if the ideas in this post inspiring for your home be sure and pin it for later!

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