Biggest home decor mistakes and how to fix them

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Do you feel like your home is missing that wow factor you see in model homes? If you're starting from scratch its great to go over how to get make your home decor look more expensive. But when you're working with existing furnishings, sometimes you have to take a step back and look at what isn't working in your home first.

It was really important when thinking about these tips that I was picking things that could be immediately changed or re-arranged. I'm all about DIY Designer Decor and know that you can't always just go out and buy new furnishings to get that designer look. Most of the time you need to find a way to make what you have work and gradually add it to it to achieve the home decor of your dreams.

Here are the top interior design faux pas and super easy tips on how to fix them that will completely transform your home. The best news is, you can makeover your home, today!

Hang your drapes at the correct height to make your room appear taller and grander.

Curtains can make an enormous difference in how your room looks. They can add color, texture and softness to your space. They can also make a room look larger and more luxurious, if they are the correct size and hung at the correct place on your wall! When curtains are hung just below the ceiling instead of just above the window, it elongates the window and gives the illusion that your room is higher and larger. Curtains can also be used to trick the eye into thinking that a room is symmetrical when it is not, you can cheat by hanging them so that the curtains are hung symmetrically even if nothing else is.

Hang your photos at the correct height to draw the eye and to make your furnishings feel proportional

For maximum impact, art and wall photos should be hung at eye level. Think about how you can use art and photos to ground your furnishings, because the table or the dresser or whatever piece of furniture below the art is going to be larger and bulkier than the artwork itself, the art is really emphasizing the furnishing; Making the furniture look like it was made just for your space.

Splitting up any matchings sets for a more elevated and thoughtful aesthetic

While you want your home to look and feel cohesive, and symmetry is visual pleasing to the eye, you don't want everything to look the same. Oftentimes, people will go for matching bedroom sets or matching living room sets getting all their furniture in one color and finish. This doesn't look bad per se, but it doesn't look designed either. So how do you get a room that is beautiful and compatible without looking  homogenous? That is its own blog post my friend! But here's some ideas, keep the matching nightstands, this does give you symmetry to have the same endurable framing both sides of the bed. But keep it in a different finish from the bed frame. Another tip is if you have a dresser for your bedroom set, could it be used somewhere else in the house as a chest of drawers? Sometimes dressers can make great console tables, especially when framed with bookshelves.

Laying out your furniture so that your home looks more open and has clear pathways

When creating a floorpan that is functional and beautiful, you want to make sure that it is open around and through pathways. If you have a room off of a hall or a pathway going through the room you want to make sure to not block it with furniture that you have to walk around. Re-arranging furniture so that the pathways aren't blocked is going to make your room look larger. Again, it's all about visual illusions when styling your home. You can make even small spaces feel open and comfortable if they are have a thoughtful floorpan and are styled with appropriate sized furniture.

Don't select more than one focal point in a room

The best way to get that model home look in your home's decor is to make give each room a focal point and let it do all the talking! It's not that less is more, but the right one should be enough!If you have a dark accent wall in one room with white artwork, you don't also need a statement mirror in that room, let the accent wall bring the drama and use that mirror in another space. You want one area in each room that can be used as a conversation starter and then you want the rest of the room to have just enough decor to draw the eye, but not enough for it to linger. You want to use your accessories to create flow and visual movement around the room, centered on the focal point!

Spread your family photos throughout your home

With the exception of an intentional gallery wall, its a best practice to not cluster all your family photos. Most of the time placing all the photos and frames in one area really makes a space cluttered and doesn't allow the eye to take in each photo. Instead, find a home for each picture and let it live there, not only will this help the eye to float around the room as photos and art are a great and personal way to fill your space, but it will also allow that photo to shine and you'll get to appreciate it's unique beauty even more!

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